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    Jermaine Williamson is the Founder, President and CEO of JLW Consulting, a Management Consulting firm providing Talent Acquisition, Strategic Business Advisory, Human Resources, Talent Retention and Talent Development services.

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  • Roger l. Brooks - founder & host

    Roger Brooks is the founder and host of American Real TV, which he began in 2017 after training under Brian Rose of London Real. Roger’s mission is to interview world class guests to empower others through the essence of story.


    His past guests include; Ed Mylett, Colin Cowherd, Lauryn Evarts Bosstick, Evan Carmichael, Grant Cardone, Elliott Hulse, Jeffrey Gitomer, David Neagle, Roger Stone, Peter Sage, Dave Meltzer, Guy Kawasaki, Penelope Shihab, Steve Sims, DeAnne Smith and many, many more.


    The bestselling author believes Everyone Has A Story, and has a deep passion for helping aspiring authors write and publish their first book through his program, Go from Page 1 to Bestselling Author in 90 Days or Less!  Click here to learn more.


    Michael is a visual artist and producer born in Binghamton, NY. As Producer and Director of Operations for American Real, Michael brings his passion for individual focused storytelling and human learning alongside his technical know-how.

  • american real | established 2017

    Brian Rose, Founder of London Real, was the inspiration for American Real

    American Real Meets London Real

    How American Real came to be.

    In August 2017, American Real was born when Roger L. Brooks launched Episode #1, The Art of Real, with his longtime friend, Anthony Brunelli as the first guest. Brunelli was instrumental in helping the podcast get off the ground.


    It was, however, the inspiration and training under Brian Rose, the founder and host of London Real and the London Real Academy, where Brooks earned his start. In eight short weeks, Brooks dug into the course, along with sixty other people from around the world. The class went from the conceptual idea of starting a podcast to making it become a reality. When the class concluded, a graduation was scheduled in London, where Rose announced he selected Brooks to interview him on London Real TV.


    The interview took place on September 29, 2017 in an episode titled, Our 100 Year-Plan, which would later become known as the final interview aired from the original London Real Studios. The interview set a world record for the longest in-person podcast ever recorded and produced at 4 hours, 17 minutes.


    Today, Brooks has interviewed over 200 guests on American Real, which has a worldwide audience.


    To watch the episode of Brooks interviewing Rose, click on the link below:


    Roger Brooks interviews Brian Rose on London Real.






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